Monday, September 26, 2011

Gorilla Fritz

In 2007 I was at the Nuremberg Zoo in Germany. This is me with Fritz. He's their silverback.(He has an outdoor space, too.)
It's hard to draw animals - they never stay still. Even when they're sleeping they don't hold a pose for longer than a minute. I start lots of different gesture sketches and if I wait long enough eventually the animal will cycle back through to the same pose and I can keep drawing.

These are pages from my sketch book. I used pigma Micron pens and sketched the gorillas at the Toledo Zoo in 2008. At the time I used sketching as a way to understand animal anatomy, but when I did a finished drawing I worked from photos.

This is Fritz - from a photo - drawn in pencil on 140 lb. hot pressed watercolor paper.


  1. I love it! Looking forward to see more sketches.

  2. this is amazing. so lifelike. i think i could start a conversation with him. is this for sale, laura?

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